My school, my future

Good education is indispensable. Education provides access to the world of today and tomorrow.

At our school, students experience that the ISK focuses on their future. ISK Groningen stands for ‘Internationale Schakelklas Groningen’, which can be translated as International Transition Classes Groningen. The ISK offers education to students aged 12 to 18 years old who have little or no knowledge of the Dutch language.

At the ISK we aim for students to fully participate in Dutch society. Our educational program focuses on acquisition of the Dutch language and integration in the Netherlands. With this basis of specially tailored teaching, we ensure that students can swiftly move on to regular Dutch education.


Reporting absence between 07:45 and 08:30
Please call 050 321 0524 - mobile and whatsapp 06 4544 4129



ISK Groningen is within Openbaar Onderwijs Groningen part of H.N. Werkman College, school for atheneum, havo, mavo en vbo